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About Parrot Talk Speech

Welcome All!

If you're looking to have a supportive and individualized therapy experience, you're in the right place!


Parrot Talk Speech is a pediatric in-home speech therapy company founded on the beliefs that:

  1. Children have unique talents and gifts that can be honored while supporting needs and deficits

  2. Families know their children best and already have all the tools they need to help

  3. In-home services offer the best opportunity to learn and practice new skills

  4. There is no problem too big to tackle and everyone's concerns are treated with dignity and respect


Services are provided in the comfort of your own home or via a telehealth platform when appropriate.


Now providing services in Northern Colorado, any and all inquiries are welcome! 

​Why In-Home Therapy?

It's incredibly convenient! Imagine one less appointment you have to drive to. Schedule visits during the times best for your family.

Kids love it! We start to develop a special friendship that is safe and fun while learning how to do things that are hard.

It's effective. The best learning is done with who and where children are around most often (i.e., family and home) in real situations.


Who am I?

Kara E. Lovato, M.S., CCC-SLP
Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist 

Hi everyone!


My name is Kara Lovato (or "Ms. Kara" to the kiddos), and I am a speech-language pathologist licensed by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and the beautiful state of Colorado. I come to you with a decade of experience working with pediatric aged children with varied communication and developmental disorders.

Since specializing with in-home visits I've helped families tackle their biggest concerns in real situations at home, including how to:

  • express self and needs 

  • follow directions and answer questions

  • participate in daily routines

  • communicate clearly

  • complete homework and enjoy school 

  • make friends and be social

  • decrease behaviors in the home

I've chosen in-home therapy as my specialty because I've seen it work better than any other environment and working that closely with kids and families has a soft spot in my heart.

Anything speech, Colorado or college football, I am willing to talk about! I aim to support you through whatever situations and circumstances are specific to your child and family! 

I am here to help! Email or call with questions! 

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