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How do I know if my child has a speech or language delay?

Please reference Developmental Norms to get a general overview of age-appropriate skills. If you're having concerns a comprehensive speech-language evaluation is performed at the beginning of therapeutic services to determine the presence of disordered speech-language skills


How do I begin speech therapy or inquire about other services?

Typically after an initial phone consultation, an evaluation is scheduled. Depending on results of the evaluation we can begin treatment sessions or schedule a follow up conversation to discuss findings of the evaluation. Email to ask general questions or to schedule a consultation or call to schedule a consultation.


My child has been diagnosed as having a speech and/or language disorder, what happens next?

Depending on the needs of your child and if therapy is appropriate weekly treatment sessions can begin (if diagnosis came from an outside source an initial evaluation will be completed prior to weekly therapy). 

Seeking a second opinion? Schedule an evaluation today!


Do I need to have anything prepared or ready for evaluations/treatments?

We will discuss specifics needed in our phone consultation for an evaluation or in sessions for weekly treatments. 

Prior to an initial evaluation I will email forms to fill out for the meeting.


My child is struggling in school, is this a sign of an undiagnosed speech or language disorder?

Possibly! To receive special education services or speech and language services in the schools your child must demonstrate a specific level of impairment. Unfortunately, this means that some children that are borderline between typically developing and having an impairment may go unserved


My child already has a school speech therapist, would it beneficial to get an in-home therapist as well?

Absolutely! Practicing new skills in more than one environment can lead to more successes. Typically, school therapists and at home therapists overlap on some goals. However when I am in the home I develop goals based on family needs and how your child is functioning in your home environment, not necessarily how he/she is performing academically.


How do I pay for services?

Please see Payment link for specific details. At the end of a service, payment will be made in full via credit card or cash. 


If I have private insurance, can this be used to pay for services?

While I do not currently take private insurance, I can develop a Superbill for services which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Contact me regarding how to get this set up for your insurance.


My child has been making improvements in therapy, how do I know when discharge is appropriate?

This question will be dealt with on a 1:1 situation as every child and diagnosis is different. We will have a discharge plan put in place at the beginning of therapeutic services.  


How and when can I talk to you when questions and concerns arise?

If we are actively in a working relationship, you can email/text/call me whenever during work hours! (Note I try to respond to everyone within 24 hours during working hours). 

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Did I miss any questions?

Don't hesitate to ask your questions today! The earlier services begins, the better results we see!

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