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Services Provided


How Can I Help? 

Services are provided in the comfort of your own home or via telehealth when appropriate. Weekly sessions are typically 30-45 minutes in length depending on the needs of your child. Allow 20 minutes for screenings, 1-2 hours for initial evaluations.


Get Started:

Initial free 30-minute phone meeting to answer questions and schedule appropriate services


20 minute informal screening protocol completed with child and family when possible


Allow up to two hours for initial evaluations which can include:

  • Formal and informal assessments

  • Observation of functional skills of child in natural environment

  • Oral mechanism examination 

  • Medical and developmental intake questions

  • Completion of intake forms (e.g., HIPPA, payment, policy agreements, etc.)

  • Follow up 20-minute phone/in person/telehealth collaboration meeting with family to discuss scored results with goal development and treatment planning


  • 30-45 minutes depending on needs of child

  • Frequency is typically 1x/week but can change if appropriate based on disorder and diagnosis


Additional 30 minutes outside of a typical session to collaborate with families regarding specific speech and language learning techniques, strategies, or brainstorm ideas how to support your child’s specific needs in the home

>What Disorders Do I Treat? Learn about my specialties

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