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What is In-Home Therapy

In-home speech therapy is exactly as it sounds!

I come to your home and provide a variety of therapeutic speech-language exercises to address concerns in real life situations. 

Your child, you and your family will practice therapy techniques on the spot to make the most immediate and substantial changes in your child's communication and behavior.

Sessions end with ideas how to continue practicing through the entire week in normal daily routines you are already doing. 

Child Writing Notes

Common Parent Concerns

My Child Has a Hard Time:

following directions

answering questions

expressing wants & needs

speaking clearly

making or keeping friends

organizing and completing tasks

staying focused

My Child is Struggling:

in school

understanding language

making decisions

with reading/writing

getting along with others

controlling emotions

These concerns could indicate a speech and/or language disorder requiring professional services. 


Why Choose In-Home Therapy?

It's incredibly convenient! Imagine one less appointment you have to drive to. Schedule visits during the times best for your family.

Kids love it! We start to develop a special friendship that is safe and fun while learning how to do things that are hard.

It's effective. The best learning is done with who and where children are around most often (i.e., family and home) in real situations.

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Can I wait and see if things get better?

If your child has speech and/or language difficulties it is recommended to start therapy immediately. 

Untreated speech-language problems can impact not only communication success but also reading, writing, behavioral and social skills and future academic achievement.

Although the earlier therapy begins will result in better developmental outcomes, it is never too late to benefit from speech therapy.


Even children that have had years of therapy can continue to learn new techniques and gain new skills to reach their maximum communication and learning potentials.

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